Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My First Stocks

Woo hooo I can trade stocks now. Been doing so much reading on stocks that I have neglected my FX time. Doesn't matter since I usually only spend about an hour at it everyday.

Added 3 stocks to my portfolio:-
1. OCBC Bk (1 lot)
2. SembMar (1 lot)
3. M1 (3 lots)

I have always wanted to own shares in a telcom company and after doing some research, M1 certainly has the potential to grow among the 3 telcoms in Singapore. Besides, it is the cheapest to buy too haha! The rest was based on my mom's recommendations. She is pretty strong in picking stocks so I'm just trading with confidence for OCBC and SembMar. Hopefully I can see their price move North this year!

I will be looking to add more counters in the near future.

The next step is try adding some aviation stocks to my portfolio at a later date and so far I have shortlisted 3 companies - SATS, SIA Engg and ST Engg. Still feel they are pretty pricey at the moment and price may have a chance to drop further. Besides i haven't read much on each of the individual companies yet or seen the charts.

Research is King!

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