Friday, May 30, 2014

Time off from Poker

Have been taking a break from poker and playing some online games with my friends recently. Still did played about 45 minutes at NL50 on Tuesday and was up over 50 bucks. Still can't find the drive to play longer than I would have preferred.

On a sidenote, I sold my telcom stocks that I have bought back in January for about $700 profit excluding the $400 dividends that I received recently. Will update my portfolio here when time permits.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Crushed at NL200

Hands got kinda itchy and decided to move up to NL200 and lost about $400. The play is definitely much intense there. Should have considered myself lucky that i did not lose more.

I should probably stick to nL50 and 100 for the time being since I am doing good there. Well there is always a saying, better luck next time!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Trading vs Poker

Kind of outdated but still decided to share this comparison from tradimo. Do spend some time reading down as the findings are very interesting.

Wish I could be like one of them since I do trading too. :)

Poker vs trading infographic via

Poker Week in Review

Have just been gaming and playing online 6 handed poker for the past 1 week. Can't complain much so far as there were minimum bad beats on my tables except losing AA to a QQ. Flop came with 2 big Qs, giving my opponent a 4 of a kind :(. Was down as much as $150 at start before swinging up again. To be honest, the poker room I am currently at now is far more softer than Pokerstars. I do miss PS's SNGs though!

Here's my graph for the last 1 week. I am not the kind of player that can consistently sit infront of the computer for a few hours each day, hence my hands played are considered low. I am currently only comfortable with playing max 4 tables to keep my concentration level high. Less volume with frequent breaks and getting out once I reach my target ($). I decided to try out Poker Tracker since I just changed my com.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Reaching VIP Silver in Skrill Moneybookers

Been awhile since I updated this blog.

I had been doing some sports "trading" since early Feb and the returns I had were amazing.

At peak, I had almost $16,100 profits but in the end had to settle for $10,800. I don't have the graphs to prove but I see no reason to lie about the figures either. Attached is my skrill limits and I have officially attain VIP status. In case you guys didn't know, silver VIP in Skrill is only attainable if you have $45,000 worth of transaction within a 3 months period. Good news is that there are no more deposit and withdrawal charges for me! Anyway, I had set myself the target of 10k profits before world cup ended and didn't expect to hit it that fast. At least I can indulge now in the upcoming World Cup, without having to cope with the mental stress of losing.

My total outgoing including withdrawals back to my bank have surpassed $70k since start of February

On a sidenote, Mother's Day just passed and I thought it was probably a good time to get my mom and wife the ipad mini with retina display. Mom's been using her ipad 3 for a good 2 years now and complains about the weight of the ipad whenever she goes out.

Another good reason to get my wife the ipad mini (she also has the ipad 3) is that now my son would be able to watch shows when we are out for our meals! I really didn't want my boy to familiarise himself with technology that quick since he is only 14 months old but he is really way too cheeky, or rather naughty to sit still when we are out!

Will slowly update more when I have the time. its 3am now, about 5 hours left before I wake up for work.... :(

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Interestingly, The Biggest Gamblers in the world come from...

A pretty good read from The Economist Online. Quite surprised that Australians are so into gambling.
Singaporeans....needless to chance to gamble...we sure gamble! (at least for the majority).


Thursday, February 13, 2014

SATS 3QFY14 Results

So SATS stock price plunged upon their results:

3QFY14 net profit missed estimates, being 8.7% y/y lower at $42.9m, while topline was shaved by 1.1% to $465.5m. Revenue from Gateway Services increased 4.3% to $173.3m, offset by Food Solutions which contributions dropped 3.9% to $291.1m in light of the weakening Yen. Japanese subsidiary TFK revenue fell 18%, but excluding yen business, yen revenue grew and TFK was profitable. In particular, in flight catering revenue fell 4.6% on loss of income from Qantas. Expenses were lower overall, while share of associate?s profits was 7.4% higher at $0.9m, supported by good performances in China/ Indonesia. Management guided that operating landscape remains challenging in view of ongoing pressure on airlines? profitability and rising labour costs, and expects modest growth at Changi Airport coupled by marginal growth in airfreight at best. That said, CS is optimistic towards SATS? medium to long term outlook driven by new growing businesses and Changi airport expansion. Deutsche says under its blue sky scenario (no M& A and gradual increase of leverage over 5 years, also factoring in transformation capex), it expects SATS dividend yield to potentially double from current 4-5%. SATS closed yesterday at 21x annualized 3Q13 P/E. NAV at end Dec was $1.224. No dividend declared in the quarter. Latest broker ratings: CS: Downgrades to Neutral from O/PF, with TP cut to $3.35 (from $3.70) Deutsche: Maintains Buy, but with TP cut to $3.43 (from $3.51) UOBKH: Maintains Hold with lower TP of $3.08 (from $3.24)

Still believe in the potential in SATS to grow for the next few years. No dividends declared is a disappointment though.