Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stocks Update

Added another counter to my portfolio. Bought 3 lots of SATS (Singapore Airport Terminal Services) ! I strongly believe that with the arrival of terminal 4 airport in Singapore, it is definitely a good time to buy now although it would be much better if I had came on board earlier.

So my current portfolio as below:

Stock No. of Lots
OCBC Bk       1
SembMar       1
M1        3
SATS       3

I am not sure if I will be adding SIA Engg to my existing counters that I have as the price is kinda steep now. Maybe when it goes down below $5. Plus I don't wish to own so many aviation stocks either.

Kep Corp is another counter which I am keeping close tabs on and if price drops further, I will certainly buy some as the dividend payout of $0.30 cents is quite good.

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