Thursday, May 22, 2014

Reaching VIP Silver in Skrill Moneybookers

Been awhile since I updated this blog.

I had been doing some sports "trading" since early Feb and the returns I had were amazing.

At peak, I had almost $16,100 profits but in the end had to settle for $10,800. I don't have the graphs to prove but I see no reason to lie about the figures either. Attached is my skrill limits and I have officially attain VIP status. In case you guys didn't know, silver VIP in Skrill is only attainable if you have $45,000 worth of transaction within a 3 months period. Good news is that there are no more deposit and withdrawal charges for me! Anyway, I had set myself the target of 10k profits before world cup ended and didn't expect to hit it that fast. At least I can indulge now in the upcoming World Cup, without having to cope with the mental stress of losing.

My total outgoing including withdrawals back to my bank have surpassed $70k since start of February

On a sidenote, Mother's Day just passed and I thought it was probably a good time to get my mom and wife the ipad mini with retina display. Mom's been using her ipad 3 for a good 2 years now and complains about the weight of the ipad whenever she goes out.

Another good reason to get my wife the ipad mini (she also has the ipad 3) is that now my son would be able to watch shows when we are out for our meals! I really didn't want my boy to familiarise himself with technology that quick since he is only 14 months old but he is really way too cheeky, or rather naughty to sit still when we are out!

Will slowly update more when I have the time. its 3am now, about 5 hours left before I wake up for work.... :(

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