Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Investing in High Yield Stocks in SGX

I have decided to open a stock trading account after contemplating for quite awhile. Went down today to the broker's office to filled up the forms and wala it was all done after 15 minutes. Hopefully, I will be able to start accessing the trading platform in a week's time.

Is it a good time to acquire stocks now? I am sure this question is lingering on many people's mind. Guess I have already miss the train during the 2009 - 2011 period where stock prices were so low. Well life is not all about looking back but forward.

For me, I am pretty sure I will be discipline enough to just stick to blue chip stocks in the SGX and leave out penny stocks for the time being. I will be walking down the path of the dividends strategy by buying high yield stocks (minimum 4% dividends payout). Will share with everyone what I have bought once I can start trading.

I read my horoscope and it says 2014 is a good investment year for me (ha yeah right!). What an excruciating wait!

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