Friday, May 23, 2014

Poker Week in Review

Have just been gaming and playing online 6 handed poker for the past 1 week. Can't complain much so far as there were minimum bad beats on my tables except losing AA to a QQ. Flop came with 2 big Qs, giving my opponent a 4 of a kind :(. Was down as much as $150 at start before swinging up again. To be honest, the poker room I am currently at now is far more softer than Pokerstars. I do miss PS's SNGs though!

Here's my graph for the last 1 week. I am not the kind of player that can consistently sit infront of the computer for a few hours each day, hence my hands played are considered low. I am currently only comfortable with playing max 4 tables to keep my concentration level high. Less volume with frequent breaks and getting out once I reach my target ($). I decided to try out Poker Tracker since I just changed my com.

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